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keystone.createList('Orders', {
  fields: {
    status: { type: Select, options: 'pending, processed' },


options*nullDefines the values (and labels) that can be be selected from, see below
isRequiredBooleanfalseDoes this field require a value?
isUniqueBooleanfalseAdds a unique index that allows only unique values to be stored


The options config can be supplied as either:

  • A comma-separates list of values, eg: 'Pending, Processed, Errored'
  • An array of strings, eg: ['ready', 'sent', 'deleted']
  • An array of objects, each specifying an value and label, eg:
const options = [
  { value: 'YES', label: "Yes, I'll be there!" },
  { value: 'NO', label: "Sorry, I can't make it :(" },
  { value: 'MAYBE', label: 'Not sure yet' },

keystone.createList('Rsvp', {
  fields: {
    attending: { type: Select, options },
    // ..

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